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Established in 1996, Chalfoun Law Firm has built a strong and trustworthy reputation in the practice of law. Commitment to accurate and competent counsel, up-to-date knowledge of current laws, efficiency, transparency, availability to clients, and personalized relationships are our core values. Whether our lawyers are advising a young individual desiring to constitute a new business or resolving legal issues related to daily activities of a large or small entity; or whether advising an individual on the outcome of a potential lawsuit or preventing a future lawsuit by tailoring a bullet-proof contract, all of our lawyers strive to provide every client with timely, specific, and fairly-priced legal advice.


The attorneys at Chalfoun Law firm are engaged in a multitude of legal specialties, from litigation and enforcement procedures, to business law as well as real estate, tax, estates and inheritance, and intellectual property law. The firm works as a team so that no matter the lawyer you are working with directly, the firm as a whole will assist you to make sure your ever-evolving legal needs are completely met.